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Annual tradition of doing at least one good deed

Good Deeds Day is an annual tradition of doing at least one good deed. Millions of people around the world choose to volunteer and help others, putting into practice the simple idea that every single person can do something good, no matter how big or small to improve the lives of others and positively change the world.

With this intention, Good Deeds Day was launched in India for the first time in collaboration with iVolunteer. Take a look at how we celebrated this special day across seven cities in India:

In Mumbai, 14 girls from Udayan Shalini Fellowship participated in the Good Deeds Day activity. These girls made ‘Thank You’ cards for police officers which were shared in a nearby police station and cards with short messages to promote cleanliness in local trains.

Hyderabad contributed to the activity by sharing bottles of water and juices with workers, labourers, police officers etc, who work for the people on the streets every day regardless of the weather.

On the other hand Pune and Kolkata promoted the Good Deeds Day with an unconventional approach. Volunteers in Pune inculcated the importance of personal hygiene to a group of kids, whereas, in Kolkata, volunteers started collecting litter in a nearby park thus promoting the idea of keeping our surroundings clean!

Delhi celebrated the activity by encouraging women empowerment through a street play and a massive group dancing participation. The response of the event was overwhelming! Chennai organised and conducted a magic show for over 50 children at the Institute of Child Health Hospital, whereas, Bangalore made Thank You cards to appreciate the efforts of our maid, gardeners, bus drivers a.k.a the unsung heroes, who, without any recognition continue to contribute their heart and soul, simply to create a positive impact!

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