#PowerInYou Volunteering in India

Saira Shah Halim: #PowerInYou


Saira Shah Halim- #PowerInYou
Saira Shah Halim – #PowerInYou


Saira Shah Halim is a poet, educator, theatre personality, viewed corporate trainer and a social activist who’s actively involved with causes such as gender equality, art against fascism and women’s issues.She’s often seen on national television as a social and political commentator. She is also an Executive Committee member of West Bengal Federation of United Nations Association.

Her work has been published in various anthologies and in national and international journals. Her film ‘Ek Khaas Aadmi’ was premiered on NDTV Talkies viewed on youtubeShe’s also a motivational speaker, a behavioural and leadership trainer who’s conducted a no of workshops for different organisations across India and abroad.

As a popular culturist, she regularly hosts events and launches books and authors across the country. She is also a founding member of ‘poetry paradigm’ a poetry group that has done pioneering work in the revival of poetry.


In a recent discussion with her, we asked her questions on Gender equality and women’s role in the society, and this is what she had to say:

  • What inspired you to make the decision of getting into the social sector?

My decision to choose the social sector was mainly because I wanted to change people’s perspective on a larger scale and also because I wanted to contribute to the society!

  • How difficult is it to manage your professional and personal life since you work in the social sector?

I believe in working smart more than working hard which is why it hasn’t been so difficult! If you set your priorities right then it becomes easy to divide your time between work and family. My family has been supportive of my decision to get into the social sector but Women need to plan and be consistent with their involvement in the social sector and also look at things with a broader perspective. That’s how you simplify!

  • Would you recommend other women to also work in the social sector?

Yes! Definitely! You need to set an example for yourself before you choose to do that for others. Only then you can achieve the impossible. We need to Inspire and encourage others to be better and I believe that if I can do it, then so can you!

  • What is your definition of #PowerInYou?

#PowerInYou for me is what you already have within! It is something you inculcate ever since your childhood. With positivity and an attitude that reflects growth, we can achieve a lot. It is important that we use this power to make each other stronger by supporting each other and not by standing against each other!


Let’s accelerate gender parity through purposeful collaboration and help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over. Write to us at for more information.


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