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I believe – “Skills Can Change Lives”

Hello my name is Ashwika Agarwal and I am persuading Bachelors in Media Science. I have been into social working for now 5 years and want to bring change and more happiness into this world.

The iVolunteer – Orientation Session for Volunteers at ILEAD was much more than I had expected it to be. I thought the session to be a mere discussion on the sensitive topics which needs the attention of today’s youth, dos and don’ts of social working and nothing more.

But the session was a lot different. It was very innovative, inclusive and of great importance. The best part about the session was the brainstorming of its. It made the crowd think of very simple things but at the same time also very necessary. It gave us the chance to think on our own and not by the help of a presentation or Mentor.

The session made us think of:

  • The duties of the Volunteer.
  • Expectations of the NGOs from the Volunteers.
  • The norms of Volunteering.

It also taught us how to deal with extreme volunteering situations and what to expect from organizations. There were instances in which the situations demanded some prior experiences and rules of volunteering which the crowd didn’t know of. This was taught in the oreintation session which I am sure will help the volunteers ahead.


The session in total was of great use and information. Not only it provided with more details on how to be a perfect volunteer but inspired us to bring a change in this world. It was worth the time and shall be in the mind throughout my volunteering experience.

I hope to attend further seminars of iVolunteer and work with them.


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