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I’m inspired – Says Palak Anand Of NIFT


We are delighted to share Palak’s Volunteering experience. She said – I’m inspired. Let’s read what she has to say about it.-

I, Palak Kaur Anand, a post graduate student of Fashion Management from National Institute of Fashion Technology, has been planning since a few months to give Personality Development classes to adolescence girl’s. I am privileged to have got this opportunity through iVolunteer.


One day around a month ago, I got to hear about Volunteer Orientation Session arranged by iVolunteer from my teacher cum friend, Ms. Kini Shaw, who has been an active volunteer there and had been doing an impactful project. It immediately excited me and I went for it. There onwards it was a smooth ride, I connected to an organisation named Tiljala SHED working for girls’ education with the help of Tanveer from iVolunteer and got an opportunity to mentor girls on different sets of soft skills. My dream had come true.


On 21st August, I got to do my first volunteering activity through iVolunteer. It was a very relaxing and fun-filled experience. To make them comfortable and to understand each one of my students, we played a small game, ‘Passing the Ball’. Music was played and a ball was passed from one girl to the other. The girl who would be caught with the ball when the music was stopped had to come and speak in front of all of us about herself. They spoke about their hobbies, aims and the happiest moment of their lives. It was really great to see how these girls, despite being weak in english, had a lot of confidence to speak publicly.


After the ice was broken we had another session which was on extempore. A few girls who were good at singing, dancing and acting were asked to perform on them and the others spoke on a topic given to them on spot.


Overall, they loved the first day. It was a very engaging and fun-filled class according to them.


My plan for the next few classes is to teach them simple and golden rules on important topics such as Team Building, Stress Management, Time Management, Effective Communication, Conflict Management, Motivation and How to Stay Positive and Happy.

IMG-20160821-WA0009    IMG-20160821-WA0014


The first day of my volunteering ended on a high note and believe me it was a great learning experience for me too! I am looking forward to such wonderful interactions every weekend.
Thanks to iVolunteer and Tiljala SHED


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