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Donate a few Hours & Change lives

Let’s say you have few unused old clothes lying in your cupboard taking away the precious space, what would you do? Throw it away or give it to someone needy? How would you feel if your ‘sharing’ could bring comfort to someone and make them feel happy. In most of the cases you would feel happy too, and that’s a good deal right?

At the skill marathon we do something very similar. Volunteers with varied skills contribute to spare a little time on one day to help NGOs better communicate themselves via various mediums. Before you hit the road and start preparing for this marathon, let me tell you it’s got nothing to do with running, or exercising.

We at iVolunteer believe that every individual has something to give back to the society and this is just an extension of that belief. So what is this Skill Marathon? It is a platform where volunteers can meet NGOs and volunteer their skills to complete volunteering projects preferably in a day’s time. This platform invariably minimizes follow ups on the part of the NGOs or the coordinating organization – iVolunteer and increases speed in project completion. Imagine a 3-4 week project can be completed in just ONE day!

After having one successful session in the past, we’re back again on May 14th which is a Saturday iVolunteer will be hosting Skill Marathon 2.0.

With around 3 NGOs participating, more than 10 volunteers will pool to complete around  14 projects in one day. iVolunteer does engage in a variety of skill-based activities, but this time we have narrowed down to only few.

So if you are a web designer, or you know photoshop or any graphic designing software, take some time out to offer your skills to the NGOs you can write to us at

Make a decision to Change lives, volunteer Today.

– Shristi Jhawar

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