Corporate Social Responsibility

Long Way To Go…..

Nagpur PhotoTata Capital Volunteers,Nagpur, September.2015

“Live life with positivism for adolescents” Workshop was aimed at imparting the causes and factors of stress for the children like peer pressure, academics and etc. 21 volunteers facilitated this eventful workshop with therapeutic approach of stress management through art, painting, meditation and later followed by a quiz. Not to miss that the workshop was Co-facilitated by the Project head of slum soccer who identified the main roots of stress through playing football with the children and the volunteers. The entire initiative resulted in to a successful project where the volunteers got sensitized towards the needs of the children who come from a lower economic strata. Also on how they get deviated towards drug addiction and different ill habits due to lack of opportunities and guidance. According, to Team Soccer Nagpur, this workshop was one of its kinds and was extremely helpful for the children.

–          It was a wonderful experience to have got an opportunity of this kind. In this process not only I imparted knowledge but gained a lot. Would like to volunteer in future again – Syed Asif

The workshop commenced with calming exercises like Pranayam where the children were made to relax and then the volunteers explained the importance of meditation to reduce stress .It was followed by art therapy which included using colors and sketches .Finally, there was a quiz on the techniques learnt while the session. There were winners of the quiz who received prizes as well, nonetheless, every single child was gifted pens for encouragement .

“Thank you Tata Capital for conducting a worthwhile workshop. Keep it up.” –Abhijeet Barse, Founder,Slum Soccer.

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