Corporate Social Responsibility

Kundan Srivastava (Volunteer Hero category)

KundanKundan Srivastava is a Software engineer by profession and a Young Social Activist, Philanthropist. He has Authored a book which speaks about the Social conditions of Women in India.

He is CEO & Founder of Be In Humanity Foundation and Co-Founder of Screams Of Soul.

His journey of social work/ volunteering started in 2004 when he was studying in class 10th. During that time, He was kidnapped from Raxaul but he managed to escape! It was then when he realised how people who are helpless, feel like.

 He says “I volunteer because my mission in life is to spread humanity and remove poverty from the world and see every human being as equal citizen of the world. As a Social Activist, i work for humanity cause and crime against Women. I am a friend to every human being because what you or your loved one, may not want to fight for, I will fight it for you and get you the justice you deserve.”

11147158_1075589949121365_4548813521993315121_nHe along with with his NGO, Help people register cases that are not looked at or even considered. Thanks to his NGO sometimes a lawyer is also provided to the victim if needed.

 “I am fearless activist working for crime against women is the biggest outcome of my volunteering. We feel it’s our responsibility to make our kids morally strong and make this society safe for daughters, mothers and sisters in India.”

One of the other projects he has helped in was for orphan’s and poorer communities children’s for better  education. Be In Humanity Foundation led by Kundan Srivastava and team reached in Village area before 3 days of event and met with students, guardians and school team and decided to donate fund to all students who don’t able to study reason of money and various facilities.1375701_971380772875617_2645541786456525936_n

“I had seen that millions of children live in the streets of cities scattered in India. While their presence may be noticed in developed as well as developing countries, however, the majority of street children live in India.”

You can know more and follow Kundan Srivastava.

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