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I have realized that you can still help by volunteering from home!!! – Akila

Akila Please tell us something about yourself:

I am Akila, a software engineer by profession. I got introduced to volunteering through  my software field. I have been volunteering for almost 4 years now.

 Can you tell us why you decided to volunteer with Makkala Jagriti?

I was earlier visiting the NGO’s directly for my volunteering work. But past few months  it was difficult for me to visit the NGO in person. So my volunteering had almost become  nil. Few months ago we had a session at iVolunteer office on Impact Projects, where we  got to meet representatives from different NGO’s. Each representative presented their  need for volunteers for different kind of work. This was where I got to know about the  requirement at Makkala Jagriti.

 Tell us more about the project:

 I got in touch with Roopa, the representative of Makkala Jagriti.I enquired if they have  any work that can be done from home. She immediately discussed the need for a person to translate Kannada documents to English. 
I readily accepted this and started working on the same. These documents contained science experiments/projects which students of different ages could perform. I translated several of these documents in phases.

What kind of challenges you faced during your volunteering assignment?

Though I have been in Bangalore and know Kannada it was not very simple to do the translation. The documents contained lot of scientific terms in Kannada which are not often used. The best part was when I did the translation at home; all my family members (my husband, in laws) would get involved and help me finish the work.I still continue to do the translation as and when I get mails from Makkala Jagriti team.

Once the major chunk of translation work was completed, I checked with Roopa again for any other work that could be managed from home. Makkala Jagriti required a volunteer to maintain their social networking sites.
I have taken up that activity as well and have been actively managing their networking sites.

What were you able to achieve during your volunteering with NGO?

The translation activity gave me a chance to improvise my kannada skills.
On a serious note, I have realized that you can still help by volunteering from home and not being able to go physically to a particular NGO should never stop you from volunteering.
I have also been introduced to another volunteer at Makkala Jagriti who has similar interests as mine. We are coming up with ideas to make this big!!

3 replies on “I have realized that you can still help by volunteering from home!!! – Akila”

Akila…you are inspirational and role model ….I am sure very many volunteers would join your mission. Best of Luck and wish you journey will grow further on on on and on !



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