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“Be a leader” – says Mr Pradeep K Banerjee at GYAN session


Pradeep Kumar Banerjee dons many hats. He is a leadership coach, a graphologist & mind therapist and founder of Mindzone, Kolkata. Pradeep joined iVolunteer early 2011 and since then he has taken numerous guest lectures on personality development for youth with our partner NGOs working in youth welfare. Here he shares with us the experience of his first GYAN session!

To start with I want to convey my thanks to Mr Md Tanveer for giving me such an opportunity for me to pay homage to the society, the support of which has made me what I’m today.. As I’m a professional Leadership Motivation Coach so I took the pleasure to share my talent voluntarily. 

There was no anxiety about conducting the workshop because I’m very confident about my skills but I was anxious to conduct the workshop at the earliest, because it was the first of its kind in my lifetime to deliver leadership program for a NGO. 1911917_629849987070814_1609992073_nIt was held at the office of Tiljala Shed at Palm Avenue. There were 7 participants who had attended the program. Most of them who were working with the under privileged slum dwellers. On interacting with the participants the first thing I noticed that they have no clear idea of leadership. On the program my one point issue was to realize them the Leader within. The participants had reciprocated in a most positive manner to understand the theme of the program.

From the first program of its kind I realized that regular Leadership program to organize for the NGO workers so that the could understand the real meaning of service to the society. It was great feeling when the participants express their feeling that today they have understood the actual Leadership Way. Looking forward to to attend more program of its kind in future



One reply on ““Be a leader” – says Mr Pradeep K Banerjee at GYAN session”

Great work Pradeep …India is running short of CB and Leadership developers ! I am sure your efforts will change lives of the people who aspire for social change. Good Luck !



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