Impact Volunteering

Volunteering- a way to give back to society!

Our volunteer from Pune – Ms. Shobha Javalgikar, who is a trainer and counselor,speaks about her volunteering journey with iVolunteer. Shobha is helping an NGO in Pune for translating  their communication material. Let’s see what she has to say about iVolunteer.

“It really gives me pleasure to speak about iVolunteer. iVolunteer is playing a pivotal role in social sector,specially by bridging the gap for NGOs,that cannot afford exuberant fees of consultants/ experts but need their expertise and guidance for growth, expansion, project implementation and many more.

Here comes the role of iVolunteer that invites experts who are willing to give away their hard earned expertise and guidance to these NGO’s with selfless motive.

As a volunteer, I am helping a Pune based NGO to translate their documents from English to Marathi. Since the NGO deals with health, specially mental health, translating documents in correct way was a crucial thing. My experience as a Psychological Counselor helped in doing this task.

We, as individuals know that we  owe some returns to the society at large and through these small acts we can serve the society .

I am one such volunteer and I am happy to be associated with this team.

I wish ‘iVolunteer Team’ all the Best for all future endeavours.”

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