GYAN Volunteering in India

“Dikhsit did a brilliant job at presentation”- Laura Donovan,CEO, Partners in Change

LauraIn continuation of our efforts to assess the impact of GYAN we talked to Laura Donovan, Chief Executive, Partners in Change to understand her assessment of GYAN. It’s a pleasure to know that she not only found the initiative helpful for her employees but is also looking at volunteering her time to take a GYAN session. here is what she says,

How did you get to know about GYAN sessions?

Actually I am not sure. but I think I got an email and I signed up right away (for an excel course)

How many employees from your organization have attended such sessions? Please give few names of ht sessions attended.

In total 3 employees have participated for various sessions namely excel, making power point presentations, effective presentation skills.

Did the participants get the opportunity to apply the learning to their day to day work? If so, please share some instances where you observed some change/impact on their work due to the learning’s from the session?

Dikshit, who attended the session on effective presentation skills, gave a presentation 2 weeks after the training and he did a brilliant job. As for excel, the reports are better formatted and easier to read.

Will you recommend GYAN sessions to others in the sector?  If so Why?

Absolutely. I have already spoken of your work.

Additional comments?

I think the initiative is an excellent one and I hope to be able to organize a sesson in near future.

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