Corporate Social Responsibility GYAN

GYAN Training: The Art Of Delivering a Presentation

22nd June 2013, iVolunteer Delhi had a session on “Effective Presentation Skills” by Parul Varghese. These VOLUNTEER led, small group, customized training sessions are offered as part of the GYAN (Get Your Answers now) initiative of iVolunteer aimed at building capacity of employees in the development sector.  Following are a few responses from participants about their learning and the overall experience of the session.

“Thank you for that wonderfully organized and a well planned workshop. I truly enjoyed it, and had a lot to take back from the session. In future, if any such sessions and workshops are being organized, do inform me.”

Shambhavi  Singh
Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT)

 “Recognizing my weakness by looking at the video and receiving feedback from others was the most helpful. It was a good experience overall.”  

Dikshit Saluja
Partners in Change

“Getting feedback on how I can improve my presentations, it is different because there are other participants from several NGO’s who could give us feedback in this workshop”.

Sheila George
The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR)

“The importance of body language, voice modulation & preparation before a presentation were the key learning’s. It was overall good. GYAN is different from others in the sense that other trainings hardly have the facility of video recording and showing it. “

Anirudh Singh
Udayan Care

“Mannerisms to keep in mind while delivering a presentation. Professional faculties & right number of participants make it different from other trainings.”

Albo Jason W
The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR)

 “Getting the courage to speak in public and styles of presentations was very helpful” 

Sanjay Verma

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