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A genuine interest in wanting to make a contribution – Volunteer for GYAN

Abhilasha Choudhary Get Your Answers Now (GYAN), the technical clinics aimed at building capacity of employees working in the Development Sector. These VOLUNTEER led, small group, customized training sessions are unique in many ways and the following experience shared by the Volunteer trainer Abhilasha Choudhary echo’s the same.

Location: Chennai

Tell us something about yourself.

I work with Lionbridge as an instructional designer and have been working in the learning space for over a decade now. I enjoy working with people and find it fascinating to see people learn. My interests include working with toddlers and young children.  In my spare time I write short stories for kids, most of which are enjoyed by my eight year old daughter!

 What training’s have you conducted for GYAN & What motivated you to volunteer for the same?

 I conducted a session on the ‘Effective use of social media – for NGO’s’ on 18 May 2013 in Chennai  . Volunteering for this session had more to do with the cause than the topic. I truly appreciate and salute people who are able to put another’s need before theirs, for very little or nothing in return. This was my contribution to that spirit of magnanimity!

 Do you find GYAN different in its approach to training’s that you may have taken or attended before? if so how?

Yes, absolutely. I think the whole idea of empowering NGO’s through focused interventions is an ingenious idea! I love the format GYAN follows, where people are responsible for their own learning and their own pace.

 How has your interaction been with participants of the GYAN session both during and after the sessions?

My interaction with the participants has been fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the session. The participants asked a lot of questions were open to new ideas and took feedback very well. During one of the activities, I gave very candid feedback through criticism; the objective of the activity was to find loop-holes in the participant’s social media campaigns and to draw their attention to the critical pointers they had missed out. The participants were more than willing to work on the feedback and took criticism positively.

 What do you think it takes to be a trainer for GYAN?

A genuine interest in wanting to make a contribution is as much important if not more as the particular skill or qualification. Just simple willingness.

Would you recommend your colleagues to be a volunteer trainer with GYAN?  if so then why?

Absolutely! It is an experience worth trying out not only for the fulfillment it gives but also for the learning you get back from the participants and their work.

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