Whiteboard is an initiative of iVolunteer ( www.ivolunteer.in), one of India’s largest formal volunteering organisation, that is working to bring skills and expertise to the social development sector through volunteers.

Whiteboard aims to be an engaged and dynamic volunteering eco system where NGOs have access to the best professional expertise to help them in what they do. Whiteboard aims to provide NGOs with access to probono expertise in areas such as marketing, HR, Financial planning, strategic planning, governance, fundraising , communication and many more.

Our Theory of Change

Real change can only happen when every one of us gets involved

NGOs in India are at the forefront of fighting issues of poverty and disadvantage that exists. Most of these NGOs or social organisations are set up by social entrepreneurs, activists, social workers and people who have passion and determination to make a difference.

Many of these people do NOT however have ALL the hard skills that are also required to bring about long lasting change. Passion and commitment can go a long way but is not alone adequate. Making a difference often involves translating the same on the ground through well thought out strategies, programme expertise, addressing issues of sustaining the change, becoming self sustainable and viable, measuring impact and raising financial and human resources to support all of the above. This often means management expertise in areas such as marketing, communication, financial management, strategic planning, HR, governance… In most cases its very difficult for NGOs to possess all the skills described above, required to sustain or scale the organisation. These competencies cannot even be ‘bought’ by a majority of NGOs from the market. And these are NOT skills that are required 24/7 by the organisation. As a result, organisations compromise on the same and often make do with what they get at the implementing level (which more often than not does not include hard skills available in the other sectors).

We believe that if NGOs have access to these hard to find skills than they can be much more effective in fighting poverty and disadvantage. Whiteboard is creating a panel of management experts in various cities across India who are available for NGOs to provide guidance and support.

In engaging with NGOs by offering their expertise and talent we will create an eco system where citizens are involved and engaged in making a difference by helping NGOs achieve greater efficiency.

This is our theory of change. 

In each of the cities that we work we will create a Whiteboard with a group of 10- 15 high quality people available across sectors and competencies .This Whiteboard will be available for all NGOs that are invited to present to their work to them. The nature of involvement of the panelists will be long term, not organisation specific but skill specific

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