With limited resources to attract best talent from the industry most organizations in the development sector often face a challenge of low employee efficiency which translates into high manpower costs. It is also seen that most of the affordable training opportunities available to the sector are typical classroom training’s with medium to large groups of participants. These training’s are able to offer high quality theoretical concepts, however have limited scope for peer learning and customized, on the job inputs. Other limitations of these offerings are the time bound availability of the trainer post the training.

Analyzing these aspects iVolunteer could see a clear need for a low cost customized training solution. Further through its various volunteering platforms, iVolunteer also realized that there is pool of such professional / technical skills sitting in the other sectors that can be leveraged to address the above challenge of the NGO’s. An ideal solution in the form of GYAN (Get Your Answers Now) was therefore conceived.

GYAN (Get Your Answers Now) sessions are technical clinics that aim to improve the Employee efficiency of organizations in the development sector. Each 5 hour session (which will include a healthy working meal) is designed to offer CUSTOMISED inputs relevant to the work of the participating organization. Powered by Practical tips & practice sessions, across various subject areas these sessions help the participants to get a hands on and a hand held training environment. With participation limited to a maximum number of 10 people (from only 5 NGO’s) the sessions are able to offer a great opportunity for peer learning.

The resource persons are seniors / experts from the corporate as well as development sector who were willing to VOLUNTEER to help NGOs by offering them guidance and expertise. These individuals are not only experts in the topics that they take sessions on but have also been exposed to the NGO sector through their other engagements with iVolunteer. The volunteering spirit adds onto the motivation of the trainer to ensure that the participants get a clear takeaway that can be applied on their job.

In addition to the above, following are the other unique features of GYAN;

arrow The session topics are identified purely based on the Needs of the Non profits in that location.
arrow The resource person is available at mutual convenience any post the sessions.
arrow It assesses the level of understating of the potential participant prior to the training session so as to customize the training accordingly.
arrow All this is offered at a reasonable cost which also covers the donation made on behalf of the trainer to the NGO of THEIR choice.

Where can you attend a GYAN sessions?

Currently theses sessions are held In 4 of 6 ivolunteer centers namely, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai

What IS the TAKE WAY like?

With a unique approach of identifying training areas, which involves one to one discussions with Non profits around their challenges pertaining to employee skills, we continually introduce new sector specific topics aimed at a direct “on the job” impact, for e.g., “How to build your Brand”, “Managing and engaging media for your organization”, “Using excel to develop maintain donor and beneficiary database”, “How to pitch to a corporate”, “Writing good annual report” and many more.

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