JSW Foundation Fellowship

Towards Contribution

Have you wondered whether the work you are doing is really meant for you? Have you seen some folks and wished you could go there and do what they are doing?

I did. I always did! I was the person who kept looking for new opportunities, always jumping from one thing to another. Then I became part of the JSW Foundation Fellowship and here I am! Writing a blog! I have never written any blog before so I don’t know how to express myself but it’s part of the program that’s why I am going to go all in writing. I think it’s going to be a remarkable experience for me to be a blogger! I am going to start with one of my ‘first’ things.

When we were visiting a few farmers in villages I saw her in one of the cattle sheds.  I was ecstatic but increasingly nervous to hold a calf for the first time. It was a really a wow moment for me, who had never held any cattle babies before and trust me it was not different from holding human new-born baby for the first time.

I always wanted to hold a calf so that I could gain some perspective. After all, I have seen and read how farmers treat their cattle no less than their family. She was so calm and cool even after I held her and fondled her. She is two months old and her name is Chingi. She is Sahiwal breed which is known for being heat tolerant, tick-resistant and noted for its high resistance to parasites, both internal and external and one of the best dairy breeds in India.

On another day I met another farmer. He had two little calves – buffalo and cow. They both were born around the same time. The farmer told us they eat together and stay together and are fond of each other just like us. I felt so touched. I could relate these stories to us and could understand how important they are in one farmer’s life. That day I realised I am on the right track. With this fellowship program I have started learning my journey towards contribution in rural development, rural communities and rural India. I know this fellowship won’t be a cakewalk. It might be a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs. There might be ‘up in the sky’ moments, proud moments, disappointments or ‘lost’ moments or something else but I know I won’t leave it mid-way.

I am going to live this journey wholeheartedly and to my complete satisfaction. I felt I should share my thoughts for today’s experience so here I am! I am quite excited to learn and contribute more and more to see some great stories and have out of the world experience.

Last but not least I have stopped wishing that I could do that or this or even comparing with others: because I have really found work which is meant for me and I am liking it!

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These are really heart-touching and inspiring stories, thanks for sharing your experience of understanding the real meaning of living life and the perspective to look at it.

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We can leave with the nature and by the nature , writing is with observation skills according to the rural area there is so many problems for the farmers and rural womens if government provide them a fundamental progressive program to increase their money power they will be involve in the Nations journey to all the five trillion dollar economy

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