Impact Volunteering

Experience Of Making A Difference

As a child, I was always told to share. By sharing, not only does the receiver feels happy but the giver.

Hi, I’m Thushara!

I had always wanted to serve the poor and underprivileged, but never had an opportunity.

With the pandemic affected and lockdown implemented, I thought no better time than this to start volunteering by staying home and safe. That is when I came across iVolunteer!

The first volunteering opportunity that I expressed interest towards was, “Tell a Story”. I recorded stories every week in different languages for children of the age group of 4 to 10 years. As weeks passed, I felt there was no connection between the children and me as I never had to interact with them.

So, I started looking out for more opportunities on the iVolunteer website, where I came across Dharma Bharathi Mission. I was connected to the President of the NGO, who alloted me a batch of students ranging from the age of 16 to 30 years. The batch had 8 students who were college going kids, home makers and working women with family.

The course was scheduled for a period of 5 months, 6 days a week. Each student attended every class without an excuse to miss them. The best part was that they were all interactive, curious and had the urge to learn a new topic every single day.

I was also a part of their certificate distribution ceremony, which was held virtually.

The entire journey made a difference not only in them but in mine too. The overall experience is gratifying and beyond happiness.

While I was volunteering for Dharma Bharathi Mission, I also volunteered for Abyudaya KKSS by preparing study materials for students from grade 4 to 8.

Thanks a ton for creating this platform, iVolunteer! Y’all are doing a great job:)

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