Citizenship Folunteering (Fun + Volunteering)

Recycling at home to combat lockdown blues

A Broken Picture Frame Repurposed as a Jewellery Hanger

New, Colourful Booklets Made From Blank Pages of Forgotten Notebooks

I should have taken a “before” shot of this picture frame but i actually forgot to! I’ve had this photo frame for a while, it has been lying around broken. I did not want to get rid of it because it is so beautiful. A few days ago, while organising my jewellery I had an idea. I realised I needed one of those earring holders or stands, because everything shoved inside a small jewellery box tends to get tangled up! Then I remembered that I had this photo frame, and ideas flooded my mind. I decided to use pieces of this wire-like rope material that I found in our store room and tied them around the frame. Then I simply hung my earrings onto the wire and now it acts perfectly as an earring holder! I love recycling and re-purposing old things around the house instead of constantly buying new items, it just seems like a much more sustainable idea to consume less!

I realised we had a lot of half-used notebooks, notepads and chart paper lying around in the house. So I watched a tutorial on how to make saddle-stitched notebooks and started turning this unused paper into little, new notebooks. First I made holes in the papers and sewed them together in the form of thin booklets. I also thought it would be fun to doodle on the covers with sketch pens, so as to make them look more interesting! I distributed some of these notebooks amongst friends and family members and now they don’t need to go out and buy too many new notebooks leading to the cutting of more trees!


And finally, here are some sample booklets I made 🙂


If you want to try making your own little saddle-stitch notebooks at home, check this helpful tutorial out on Youtube

Happy recycling! 🙂

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