Black smokey cloudy space, stretching out as wide skies

Inching towards disaster as a result of mankinds lies

Oceans filled with filthy waste too hard to dispose

Don’t they face the wrath of the rules, we humans impose ?

In all of the millions years that this planet has had a life.

Voice aloud we hear of pain, disdain, hatred and strife.

Everyone for himself, we hear is the new normal these days

Rays of hope nowhere in sight, result in Gods own ways

Soon the sky will clear, the air will be pure and clean

Ice will form, snow will fall, the sun will again gleam

Trees that breath, chirping birds, flowing rivers so pure

Years of glory and happiness will come back for sure.

Let us all join hands and attempt to make this planet serene

Humble, generous, loving, friendly and honest to live in.


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