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“How to write a Blog” by Anuradha Kapoor

“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express”

Freedom of Expression – we all love to express ourselves whether it us through our words, thoughts or deeds. According to Ms Anuradha Kapoor, the best way to express oneself is through words and this is the message that she conveyed to all the participants at the ‘How to write a Blog/Story‘ a workshop hosted by iVolunteer as part of Good Deeds Month Celebration.

Ms Anuradha Kapoor is 44 years old. Born in Delhi, spent her childhood days in Agra and at present she live in Kolkata, India. After 18 years of being happily married, she discovered her passion for writing. Now she is a freelance author, blogger, content writer, script writer, editor and proof reader. She is happy being one of the top bloggers on Momspresso, written numerous blogs for various brands. She recently published her first ebook on Amazon, titled ‘Love Conquers All’. She has also written short stories and episode stories for the ‘Potboiler App’. The workshop began with her talking about a boy or girls journey through the wonderful world of storytelling. We have all been story tellers sometime in our lives, so expressing ourselves through words shouldn’t be a problem for most of us. Another medium through which we can express ourselves is blogging. The workshop then proceeded by explaining to the participants the meaning of a blog, types of blogs, points to remember while writing a blog and most importantly the art of writing from the heart because words that are written straight from the heart manage to touch the right chords within the readers.


The workshop concluded with an interactive session with the participants where they were divided into group and were given a cue on which each group was asked to come up with a story. We were amazed to see the flow of creativity and imagination during the interactive session where each participant showed a keen involvement in coming up with the best story that they could in a short span of time.


‘Our ideas, thoughts and feelings deserve to come out and show themselves in the light’ – is the message that Ms Anuradha Kapoor wanted to convey through the workshop hoping. She inspired people to start expressing themselves through words.

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