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10 reasons to Volunteer

If you are exhausted, volunteer. If you are tired of your hectic schedule, volunteer. If you are saturated by your university’s syllabus, volunteer. If you need a break from your work-life imbalanced, you must definitely volunteer. If you are looking for a meaning in your routine lifestyle, volunteer. And finally, if you want to share your happiness, you must volunteer. Here are 10 reasons why you should volunteer today.

 Career Booster

Volunteering can help you boost your career in two ways. Firstly, it carries a huge weight on your CV and your Linkedin profile where you can add your volunteering experience. Secondly, volunteering will always be a great conversation starter for your next interviewers. It exhibits you as a much more confident, independent and responsible person who is ready to work outside his/her comfort zone. The employer also gauges you as an adaptable person with soft skills which is required in every organization.

 Learn New Skills

Volunteering as a platform allows you to not just use your skill or expertise but it gives you the opportunity to learn newer skills. While you are out there in the field, it gives you the advantage of exercising soft skills of leadership, management and problem-solving. Volunteering also allows you to interact with all kinds of people which help you build people-skills and enhance them.

Support a Cause

If you are tired of complaining about your surrounding, society, or the government, it is time you take some action. If watching the news is getting you more and more agitated and you want to bring a change, this is your time. Support the cause you’ve been wanting to for the longest time and help the ones in need and desperation.

Become a Part of the Community

When you volunteer, you become a part of a larger group or a body. You are exposed to people from different walks of life brought up in cultures different from your own.  You meet people who are both similar and distinct from you to create a bigger community. You tend to share and create a bond which is very different from your other circles. Volunteering gives you that acceptance which helps you grow, make friends and increase your confidence.

Learn a New Language

Getting exposed to newer cultures, traditions and rituals also exposes you to different languages. Learning a language helps you not just by boosting your brain power or by increasing your ability to multi-task, but it also helps you understand the heritage behind the language along with increasing your social skills.  Along with the benefits of a new language, volunteering exposes you to other sections of society such as the variety of food and food habits you get to experience.

Live the Local Experience

When you volunteer in a culture or an environment different from your own, you can experience the local culture of that area or community. You sometimes live with the locals and are exposed to their culture, habits, occupation, etc. You become a part of their culture. You get to know their problems and become a part of their solution team, getting a first-hand experience of the local lifestyle.

Gain a Whole New Perspective

Other than becoming a part of changing lives of a community, volunteering helps you look through a new perspective. It helps you take a break from your current mindset and introspect yourself, helping you change as a person. You see life from an angle which may lead to changing your goals and mission in your future life.

Change Someone’s Life

More than helping or providing aid to a community, volunteering gives you the opportunity to connect with children or adults on an individual basis. It helps you understand the individual closer which becomes an important learning for both. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to change somebody’s life and inspire them.

Breaking Stereotypes

Volunteering over the ages has become very popular and today is trending in most countries. Unfortunately, volunteering till today is attached to many stereotypes and myths. It should be made clear that volunteering can be done by all age groups and at all places. By volunteering more, you will not just help the cause but break stereotypes.

Make a Difference

Finally, your good deed will not just change you or one person but it will bring change to the entire community. This change is not just constrained to a community but also everybody affiliated with them.


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