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Volunteering is also celebrating

Hasn’t festivals always being about spending time with loved ones? A break from regular life (for present times)? But when you live in a charity home surrounded by just your peers, doesn’t it become just another passing day!

I recently visited a Home for Boys on Ugadi. (Ugadi is the welcoming of new year in Karnataka. Maharashtrians also celebrate this day as their new year – Gudi Pawda.) This home has about 30 young boys between 6 to 14 years. Orphans, semi-orphans, rescued from forced beggary by families are the brief biographies of these little ones.


All I could see was a small group of boys playing and another group sitting in front of the television. What I felt missing was some warm words and time from an adult.. Wouldn’t these kids be getting them if were they in their own homes with real families! This seemed far from possible. But, wait there is another way to fill this gap!

Volunteering!! If there were a bunch of enthusiastic adults who would volunteer their time at this home, the kids would have truly enjoyed their Ugadi!

Would you be interested to make a marginalized child happy? Donate your time at an orphanage, low aided schools or through volunteer promoting organizations like iVolunteer and spread smiles.

You never know how your little gestures can brighten someone’s mind and grow them into more caring individuals themselves! As they always say it takes an entire village to care for a child.

Volunteer today!! 

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