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Deepam Yogi : #PowerInYou

Deepam - #PowerInYou
Deepam Yogi – #PowerInYou

Deepam Yogi is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing and specialises in Advertising, Media & Branding. In 2012, she took the responsibilities of setting up Indian First Social Communication Agency – Social Access Communications and engages herself on cause-related communication campaigns as the Non-Executive Director of Social Access. Currently, she is the founder of Wild Ventures.

  • What inspired you to make the decision of getting into the social sector?

I first got involved in social sector because a month long volunteering stint with a rural tribe opened my eyes to an opportunity to do real work with real people and not continue selling fictitious brands to raise the profit bar in balance sheets.

  • How difficult is it for you to manage your professional and personal life since you work in the social sector?

Well, the work-life balance is not a sector-specific challenge; It’s an individual challenge. Yes, the social sector is unorganised, understaffed and everything has a very tight deadline. All one needs to do is priorities and know where to draw the line.

  • Would you recommend other women to also work in the social sector? If yes, then a piece of advice that you would like to share?

Yes, of course. And why just women, more men should also work in the development sector. It’s not a job for those who are looking for flexibility or just an easy job; working in the development sector requires you to be hardworking, committed, self-motivated and consistent. Change does not come about overnight; it’s a continuing process. So don’t give up!

  • What is your definition of #PowerInYou?

It reminds me of one of my favourite line (it’s perhaps an anonymous quote or a line from a song, can’t remember where I heard or read it first. But it’s my everyday mantra) ‘What you desire will take you higher!’

We have much to do, much to be and much to achieve. Are you ready to bring out the #PowerInYou on this IWD 2017 and beyond?

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