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Every year it’s the same old story, similar headlines and the unshakable spirit to fight for gender equality, but do we actually see a change? Women keep fighting for their place in the society against all odds but what for? Why should they fight for something that belongs to them naturally as a human being. Bring out the #PowerInYou this year and let the world know who you are as an individual!

International Women’s Day or Just another day?

So last year, organisations and individuals around the world supported various campaigns for gender equality and committed to helping women and girls achieve their goals and ambitions, challenge conscious and unconscious bias and call for gender-balanced leadership by valuing both women and men’s contribution equally. Raising awareness and initiating action is not just subjected to females just because they are fighting for equality, it includes similar efforts from the men in our society because it is our duty to co-create a better world for both genders and the sooner men realise this the sooner we create history.

Would you truly step up and take action?

Can we not look at this day as just another day to celebrate because women deserve a day to celebrate their womanhood. Personally, we think one day can never justify the contribution women make towards our society that is often unappreciated and instead we should impart change everyday so that the following year we actually celebrate the success of gender equality and not just another day we ask people to fight for equality!

Let’s accelerate gender parity through purposeful collaboration and help women advance and unleash the limitless potential offered to economies the world over.

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We have much to do, much to be and much to achieve. Are you ready to bring out the #PowerInYou on this IWD 2017 and beyond?


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