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Volunteering is so much fun!

It was always wonderful and pleasing experience to Volunteer for Seva Kendra Calcutta. Sometimes our little efforts whether done intentionally or unintentionally can help transform the big picture and benefits the society as a whole.

There was no anxiety about conducting session on motivation because am confident about my skills but I was anxious to conduct the session at the earliest. It all started with initial conversation with 22 aspirants of Seva Kendra Calcutta Livelihood Center. The immediate challenge I observed was that these aspirants were with lack of confidence. They were not in state to believe that they can. Their mind is accustomed.

I have been conducting several sessions for NGOs beneficiaries. I was briefed about their background and accordingly I led the session and in preferable language so that it can be easily understood. Several energizers were done to make them more comfortable. I also prepared some videos projection / presentation with which they can relate. Team games were highlight of the session.

At the end, I stated that every new day is another opportunity to bring smiles to many faces and I did it. It was so much fun.

Let’s volunteer every weekend to create impact

Md Tanveer

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