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We can do it..Volunteering will change lives

10 energetic volunteers on the 6th Nov had reached Guruasara Trust, after a hectic day at work but with loads of joy to share with the children of the NGO partner.

Celebrating Diwali with children while painting the diyas to light up every corner of the home was the day’s excitement while the volunteers had an agenda of creating impact among the children about Right to Education. Before commencing the engagement Volunteers introduced themselves to the children and the flow of the day. Volunteers also explained the children the resemblance of Diwali in our lives.

The engagement commenced by taking a look through the home guided by the children. Post which volunteers and the children indulged themselves in painting the diyas brought by volunteers. The activity went on for 30 and they painted 70 diyas. While the diyas were let to dry, volunteers conducted an interactive session on Child Rights and Right to Education. The session went on for 40 minutes. Once the diyas were ready to put be lit, the volunteers and the children together lightened the diyas at every corner of the home.

Post the diya lighting the children, the volunteers and the coordinators of the NGO came together in the yard to summarize the engagement. Volunteers spoke about the correlation of Lightening Diyas and getting education. How education can light up the lives of the children and develop them.Once, the discussion was over , Volunteers distributed the gifts ( school stationaries – Copies and geometry boxes) to the children. Children were enlightened and promised the volunteers that they would continue their studies and flourish in their lives.

This project was designed with an objective of sensitizing the volunteers to take up volunteering more often. It aimed towards the importance of volunteering and how each volunteer can Change lives. Secondly, the volunteers were also sensitized on the importance of right to education and how many children are still away from their rights.

The volunteers and the NGO Coordinators imparted a thank you to each other for such experience. Volunteers  waved a Goodbye to the children and took a leave.

Volunteers Say:

It was a very joyful experience to celebrate and spend time with these children.- JaspreetSingh Kohli

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