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International Women’s Day Celebrations #IWD2016

A Woman is a symbol of power. God’s finest and beautiful creation without whom no creation is possible. IMG-20160308-WA0038

On the 8th of March, Women’s Day is celebrated as a very special day but why do we need any particular date to celebrate anything. Everyday should be the celebration of Women’s Day in anyway possible.By saving a girl from becoming a victim in any way.Why only 8th March is chosen to speak about women’s right,their safety,their livelihood,etc,why not everyday. 20160308_123108

This is the revolution we need today in the society. A revolution to save “a girl”. And to the utmost pleasure MISSING has taken up this mission to help save these girls.

In collaboration with Tiljala SHED there was a celebration held to remember the wonderful date in the calendar. The community girls’ made stencils out of cut outs from cardboard which was then put on the walls of the community to make people rather “the girls” aware that there is someone to back them up,to help them save in all ways possible. A presentation shown gave a vivid description about the organization MISSING.

20160308_130553iVolunteer served this celebration with what we are pioneered in i.e getting volunteers on board for the cause to help the organisation. After watching the enthusiasm of the organization MISSING and their helpful nature the girls from the community came up and stirred.The girls put on stencils on every possible walls to make the society aware that yes they have got someone to help them and save them to indulge in any heinous action. Small awareness session held at Smt Jahar Nandi Vidyapith where alomost 100 students participated and pledge to Volunteer to support this cause.

Wonderful to see 5 Volunteers, 40 beneficiaries from Tiljala SHED marking the activity memorable.

This Activity was led and Organised by Tanveer, our Relationship manager from Kolkata.

2 replies on “International Women’s Day Celebrations #IWD2016”

“Why do we need any particular date to celebrate anything” this question always come to mind. I think everyday we should give the same respect and equal opportunity to each woman. Need to take women empowerment to a different level.


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