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More Giving is equal to even More Returns….

Today we share with you special volunteering reflection… Goutam Chanda, he takes interest in conducting workshops, interacting with youths. He comes with a reach experience; feedback on his ways has been very impressive.  Here he shares his experiences as a volunteer…

My blog…Goutam Chanda 

My employer, always help and encourage the employees to uptake & pursue social volunteering activities. That surely help people like me who nurture ‘giving back to the society’ thoughts. Goutam Chanda

After I got connected with iVolunteer in last year , there has been a series of interesting activities and I was introduced to the Kolkata based NGO named Tiljala Shed . It started my wonderful journey into volunteering , as I started conducting a weekend classroom course on Spoken English, for under-privileged students who are coming from Hindi, Urdu and Bengali medium school & colleges .

After the ice-breaking on the very first day , the keen interest and the active participation, of these young girls were surprising for me. As if they had been waiting for such a course for too long and too eagerly. Myself, not being a Teacher, par say, had to raise my bar with each passing session and I was too happy to do that.

06.12.2014 008 The more I progressed with the classes , more participation came from the group and also many intelligent queries . The journey is still on. I went back being a curious student agai06.12.2014 014n.. and I am too having many learnings , like I learnt about the many personal aspirations that these bright young people carry with them. Like all other teenagers they too have daring dreams in their hearts , and in spite of their very daunting social & financial background they are willing to go a few extra miles for their dreams. For them learning spoken English is one of the enablers

Learning – Sharing is fun ,,, be it a skill or just some quality time. Volunteering has also help me gain new friends from varied backgrounds.

Love – The cheer & enthusiasm that I see in the participating students entice me most. I also love my sense of accomplishment when I found them inching towards their goal.

Highlight – After the very first classroom session and the interaction , in the next class the number of participants increased noticeably . Enquired and found that every student has brought along a new friend to share their excitement about this course . This told me I got to live up-to the expectation which has right in the beginning.

Thought – Its a brilliant provides a convenient platform for those who are willing to do their bit in volunteering. The best part is gives quite some choice about the type of activity preferred.

I am lucky to have got this chance to renew my connection with the learner’s world. I have got new friends , new followers, new hopes . I got to give more. More Giving is equal to even more Returns..

This theory does not surprise me any more.

Thanking you.

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