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“It’s a perfect arrangement to not just build capacity of others but self-learn as part of this process”

Greetings for the festive season ! and this month it’s only fair to get a little extra.. So please welcome the very FIRST “Featured Trainer Duo” for the month. Yes not one but two volunteers who shared their expertise on Using Excel for data management & Reporting, to improve the efficiency of 10 NGO’s working in rural areas of Maharashtra. iVolunteer is GLAD and considers itself fortunate to be able to give them the platform of
“GYAN-(Get Your Answers Now) workshops” to bring about this change. So let me introduce you to them and thereafter get on to hear their journey of this change.

Devendra Jani_GSC Pune Curator
Devendra Jani

“Devendra Jani is an MS in IT and Executive MBA from IIMC and currently works as Product Owner with Amdocs India. A few other hats that he dons are that of a Curator of Global Shapers Community Pune Hub, a Quiz Master & a Mentor. ”

Maneesh Ingale

Maneesh is also a post-graduate in Computer Management however with a passion for building capacity he has pursued the profession of a trainer for almost 20 years now. Working with Amdocs for the past two years as a Senior Instructor, he has gained expertise on conducting public & corporate trainings. Outside of work Maneesh can be seen reading, travelling and cooking !

Over to the duo.

What was your perspective to the social sector before volunteering for GYAN and what does volunteering mean to you?

An active contributor and volunteer with many Non Profits, Devendra is not new to this sector “I have been associated with Amdocs India CSR Program, leading various high impact projects in the Education domain for underprivileged children and youth. Before joining Amdocs, I was an active volunteer leader at Infosys and Tech Mahindra Ltd. In my view volunteering is doing our part for the society we live in and contributing towards the change we want to see”

Maneesh always had the urge to contribute to the social sector in every possible ways & means and eventually got his chance at Amdocs. “I have been associated with activities related to social cause and volunteering to me means being selfless and contributing with the best of whatever you are good at & gifted with”

How did you know about GYAN & what motivated you to volunteer for the initiative?

I 1960082_10152257382315490_98308919_ncame to know about GYAN through Global Shapers Community and iVolunteer” says Maneesh “What really motivated me to volunteer for GYAN was the fact that I would be sharing my knowledge with participants from NGOs, who were working at the grass-root level in remote parts of Maharashtra, with a motto of social upliftment.

Devendra was approached for this session by one of his friends. “I was motivated by the concept and the objective of this training. There wasn’t any room to put down such a noble request” says Devendra

What difference do you think your skills made to the work of the non-profits? Any take ways for you as a trainer?

“These NGO’s are doing great work on the ground and spend most of their time at the field. Helping them use technology for their daily work, not only makes things faster  but also enables them to present data & showcase their work effectively.” Interestingly Devendra could see the same response from the participants. “They understood that hard work would create impact but smart work will help them grow, sustain and reach many. We feel gratified to have achieved this through GYAN session.”
I too feel my skills will help them to do their work independently and enable them to understand how to capture, organize & store their data” says Maneesh.

How was your experience of taking the GYAN session?

 10151837_10152257390355490_315931696_n“I was unaware of their personal background prior to the session however was delighted to meet them and listen to their amazing work experiences.” says Devendra. ”All the trainees came from rural and remote parts of Maharashtra, where we see limited economic development, farmers committing suicides and hardly any reach of educational institutes. I was more than touched to conduct the session and see the responses we got from all of them”

Maneesh,on t1006074_10152257389690490_1515514473_nhe other hand, was a bit apprehensive before the session “I thought that it might be a bit difficult as I anticipated there could be language problem and was wondering if the participants will be willing to learn. However to my delight I saw that the participants were very eager to learn and seek guidance on how to use technology to work efficiently and make their data more meaningful & presentable. I was surprised to know that one participant was operating the computer hands-on, for the first time in his life!”

Struck with reality, in such close quarters he says “though it was a very satisfying experience, I feel whatever was done, is very little and a lot needs to be done. Many of us need to come forward and contribute to make our world a better place to live. As a trainer I learnt that there are many who are still far away from technology & we need to educate masses and empower them so that they can be confident in calling themselves as citizens of the twentieth century.”
Famous lines by Robert Frost best summarize his feeling post the session,
” I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep “

Would you recommend GYAN to your colleagues If so Why?

YGYAN-slideres definitely” say the duo in chorus! “It’s a great platform to share your knowledge, interact and learn as much if not more from such interactions. It’s a perfect arrangement to not just let others learn but self-learn as part of this process.” 
Maneesh recommends aspiring trainers of GYAN to understand the needs & challenges of participants make them comfortable and involve them in the process of problem solving, Devendra on the other hand suggests to look at the bigger picture and let the training revolve around it.

The journey will be incomplete without sharing what the participants had to say about this experience. We therefore sign off with the same along with A BIG THANK YOU to  both our volunteers

“We have only one computer at our NGO, but this workshop opened my eyes and I come to know the potential benefits of maintaining data and using it in reporting by using the excel” participant Shri. Keshav Ghadge, Gadge nagar, shindi b.k. Achalpur, Amravati1396033_10152257380940490_1934099642_n

“My office bearer’s uses Excel but I never thought that there are so many options in Excel which they have to learn too. Next time I will bring them to this workshop. Really the workshop was so useful for us to maintain data and producing reports out of it”
Participant Shri. Lahu Gaikwad, President, Pavitra Bahuuddeshiy Sevabhavi Sanstha , Dist : Hingoli

T read more on Get Your Answers Now 

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