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Whiteboard- a great way to make a difference

Whiteboard – a great way to make a difference
What could the marketing head of a multinational, a chartered account, an IT entrepreneur , a consultant in a global consulting firm possibly be doing on a Saturday morning – well very many different things such as shopping for the weekend at a market, tutoring their child on a difficult lesson, catching up on sleep, planning a nice quiet dinner with their spouse, watching a mindless TV serial to de stress…or they could be going to a Whiteboard meeting 🙂
An iVolunteer initiative, Whiteboard is simply a group of people with management experience and very specific expertise that meets once in 4-6 Saturdays as a group and is available to help and support the work of NGOs in their city. People on the group do not just give ‘advise’ (frankly we have google for most of that) but also get involved in helping NGos execute the solutions they may have suggested to address a specific challenge- Challenges could be in the space of how to build visibility for the work that the NGO does, how to address HR issues, what technological solutions to use to increase efficiency, how to deal with all the stress that comes from working in difficult circumstances through a coaching exercise…Outcomes have been really exciting for both the NGO as well as for those involved.
For the NGO, they get access to this wealth of talent which they otherwise may not have been able to find/or afford and for the Whiteboard member it offers a new perspective of the world they live in , a window into how hard life can get and what THEY can do about it and  an opportunity to use their expertise in the most challenging of circumstances to help create a better world.
If you want to know more then write in to us- we have Whiteboards in Mumbai, Bangalore , Chennai and Delhi

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