Impact Volunteering

To be a Change Agent: Step 1 – Volunteer


  • Tell us something about yourself?

I am an IT consultant, working for IBM. Have 20 years of work experience in consulting and IT project management. I am based out of Mumbai for the past 20 years, having relocated here from Delhi

  • Why did you decide to volunteer?

I wanted to make a positive difference to the society (even if in a small way to begin with). Hope to grow into bigger roles in social sector in years to come.

  • What was your volunteering project?

I volunteered to prepare a newsletter for Muskan Foundation. I gathered all available information from Muskan on their activities. I also did secondary research to gather additional information on the area Muskan is operating in from the web and tried to put together a document that highlighted Muskan’s history, achievements , programmes & activities, challenges, challenges of MDVI (Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairment) children and testimonials from donors and parents of the children supported by Muskan.

The project gave me a peek into the world of MDVI children and made me realise how much more needs to be done.

  • What were the challenges?

There were not many challenges but the project required me to own the whole piece of work. Muskan officials were supportive in providing details available with them. However, one area needed focus: Work needed to be done without any supervision or guidance because of bandwidth constraints with Muskan. The work itself was simple but required a pro-active approach and ownership.

  • How has volunteering impacted/helped you?

I have been wanting to get into social sector for some time and also contemplated it as a full time career. However, I could not make much headway. I am happy that I was able to make a small beginning here.

To volunteer click here

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