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“I strongly feel that support to Non Profit sector is not necessarily only by donations, the sector can also benefit a lot from volunteers “

vijay Ladha Introducing  Mr Vijay Ladha,  a Chartered  Accountant since last 30 years. A first  generation  Entrepreneur running his own venture and at the  same time  spearheading the Bangalore Division  of Make A Wish Foundation of India  since 2008.  For him, Volunteering  is his duty towards the  society and his first GYAN session in Banaglore on “Seeking support from Donors “was one such opportunity. As our Featured Trainer for the Month.he shares interesting insight  on his experience of GYAN, A unique “volunteer led” capacity building  initiative of i Volunteer.

  • What brings you from the corporate sector to the development sector?

I would rather say, I shifted from profit sector when my need for utilizing the sector for material accomplishments was met and beyond that it only seemed greed, hence I moved on. I now support the social initiatives with my skill set, interests and experience of 30 years in profit sector to be able to add value. I do this as a part of my social responsibility. I strongly feel that support to social sector or Non Profit sector is not necessarily only by donations, the sector can also benefit a lot from volunteers who are willing to give time and share relevant skills with this sector. In each individual’s life there comes a time, when one wants to give back to the society and it is always so fulfilling to find an opportunity and be able to add REAL value to the social sector.

  •  How did you know about GYAN & what motivated you to volunteer for the initiative?

Have been associated with iVolunteer Bangalore for six years, ever since I started the Bangalore division of Make A Wish Foundation of India, headquartered at Mumbai. Have seen known and attended their activities. I had attended a brain storming session for NGOs when iVolunteer introduced their new services namely Whiteboard, GYAN and IMPACT volunteering. There itself I had decided to volunteer for GYAN as for me any format, platform that can help address a need of the social sector through my knowledge and experience is always a valuable opportunity.

  •  How was your experience of taking the GYAN session? Any take ways for you as a volunteer?

A Very fulfilling experience as a volunteer, as it was a subject of my skill set, the participants were from the segment of small and new NGOs for whom it was relevant. The time scheduling was good. The participant seemed to be interested; their involvement level went up with time. Overall it was a fulfilling experience.

Having said that I think that since GYAN comes in with an unconventional approach to training it will take time for the sector to tune in to a mindset where the participants would be as clear with their expectations as much as iVolunteer is in matching those expectations with the deliverables of the session.

Due to this gap there were a few participants who could have been more prepared for the session. Another novel aspect of GYAN that could be reinforced is the availability of the trainer way past the session so that they could seek any clarifications while they apply the leanings of the session.

Immediate feedback, with the subject and excitement being fresh is always encouraging, however it withers away soon. Therefore, I think a longer engagement with the participant would help both the NGO and the volunteer in facilitating a personalized focused interaction.

  • Now working as a professional in this sector do you think the GYAN approach to training is beneficial to the sector? if so why?
What I liked and appreciated in iVolunteer method of conducting the GYAN session was the pre preparation. You want the deliverable and expectation matching done so well before the session. This I found to be amazing. Right from the naming of the topic, to the detailing, the content, the questions etc., all have to fall in sync. Really appreciate the deliverable and expectation matching concept, which you follow so much in detail.

It sure is beneficial to the Social sector, where the need is so different and so well defined. Though the subjects of the sessions and their relevance may differ from city to city. For e.g in Bangalore GYAN session on specialized, niche areas may be more helpful.

  • Would you recommend GYAN to volunteers? If so Why?

For sure, Yes. GYAN Session for various reasons shared above is a good platform for both participants and faculty volunteers to add value to the social sector. With clarity of relevant need areas I am confident that getting volunteer faculty should not be an issue. I have already recommended it to a few connects and as for myself am happy to take more sessions even outside of Bangalore ,if possible.

Read more about GYAN 

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