Corporate Social Responsibility

Bangalore Katpadi 400 kms Drive Worth it to “Worth Trust”

When GiftAbled started we ordered few products from Worth Trust (as referred by Enable India). I always loved their quick turnaround in sending quotations and products. Prateek and self were thinking for quite sometime to visit the place and check out all products manufactured in Worth Trust. Finally the day came, I fixed an appointment with Mr. Vasudevan for Monday. After a memorable Diwali at Karunashraya and at home the previous night, we drove to Katpadi, Tamilnadu  on Monday morning…. Fortunately weather was too good and so were the roads along with greenery whole way roundJ We reached around 11 and thought it would take an hour to see the place, discuss and we will be back soon. To our surprise it was a beautiful and huge campus with 4 units to be visited. We ended up spending 5 hours to see all the good work being done. Thanks to Mr. Vasudevan for have guided us for such long time and patiently showing us the place and answering to all our queries. We were amazed to see the work done and how they sustain the organisation. How free facilities and trainings are provided to all the beneficiaries…


WORTH Trust embraced the social responsibility of rehabilitating persons with disabilities in the firm conviction that every such person, despite the odds, has an useful role to play in society and the right to lead a normal life. Making it its mission, to facilitate transformation of their latent potential into productive performance, the Trust runs Technical Training Centres to impart systematic training to PWDs and employs these persons to turn out quality industrial components that compete in the market place with industries run commercially. In parallel with its industrial initiatives, WORTH Trust runs a Transitional School for children with disabilities, with the objective of preparing them for integration into regular schools. The Trust also goes to the aid of PWDs in villages, through a rural Outreach Programme aimed at rescuing them and their families from a life of misery and neglect. I would have missed seeing the great work done by them and would have missed knowing so many things if I wouldn’t have visited the place. The Hearing Impaired kids are not taught sign language but are made to speak and join the regular schools… The autistic and mentally challenged kids are trained in utilising their energy for music, creative arts  and games. How can I forget Lokesh (autistic) who played amazing piano for us and has been shortlisted in singing in Sun TV… 80 to 90% of people employed in Production Centres run by Worth Trust are persons with disabilities. All the expenses involved in running the Training Centres, School and rural Outreach are met from the revenues generated by the production centres (which are themselves manned by workers with disabilities), making the Trust uniquely self-sufficient and independent of financial support from the Government or the community at large. How can I forget the famous Perking Brailles’r main parts are produced and exported back to them by Worth Trust.


The place was worth visiting and I witnessed the Mission stated by  Worth Trust being religiously followed by them:

•             To enable persons with disabilities use their latent potential to develop to as meaningful and productive level as possible

•             Provide systematic vocational or on-the-job training to youth with disabilities to facilitate employment and growth

•             To educate and prepare children with hearing disablities for mainstream integration

•             To produce and market quality mobility and assistive devices for people with disabilities, at affordable price

•             To spread the message of integration of persons with disabilities through the Outreach Programme and assist through counselling, medical assistance and appropriate intervention

•             As vendors, to supply goods on time at the agreed price and quality standards


Sincerely thank Mr. Vasudevan for his time and patience and hats off to all staff members of Worth Trust for dedicatedly and passionately working towards Social Development: ) GiftAbled is happy to have partnered with Worth Trust and we look forward to working with you closely.


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