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Volunteering and Life Skill Training at Harapanahalli

ImageHow it all started? I remember I met Chethan once in Bangalore few months back while he was working for Makkala Jagrithi. He met me to understand how I do so many events with different set of beneficiaries and involve them in activities. Post that thanks to FB I got update that he has moved for good to his village Harapanahalli, to use his skills and develop the village in whatever way he can…He with support of 22 volunteers planned for a 20 day  Summer Camp for Children of village and invited few Trainers from Bangalore including me. This is “first ever” Summer Camp happening in Harapanahalli with around 90-100 enrolments. I was clueless while I agreed to come on what I am going to do. I was requested to do a session for 22 Volunteers on “Volunteering” and session for kids on Emotional support. The focus of camp was Physical Development, Emotional Development and Social Development…. Few Doctors settled in village along with Psi and few others have been strongly supporting the camp. Thanks to Shalabh who happily approved me going to the Village and using my skills.

Session 1 – “Volunteering” – I reached on 11th noon afternoon and did my first session on Volunteering. It was quite a hatke experience as the volunteers here had different perspective of volunteering with No NGO presence in village. Got insight on many facts like how the Pharma student volunteers are instantly ready to go and donate blood at Davangere (a city 2 hours away from Harapanahalli) Many ladies from village travel all the way to Davangere for the delivery… I was amazed to see how instantly the 3 groups agreed to do skit on Ethics of Volunteering and the topics they chose viz.: like Volunteering during Accidents, Volunteering during emergency situation and 3rd group took case study of Delhi rape case and how they can keep their city safe:) Loved the passion and dedication of the team and their views on bringing change in their village… Got to know how many players  from Harapanahalli have represented Kho Kho and kabbaddi at National level.  Inputs on my session was this session will help them taking Volunteering seriously and professionally with proper planning and implementing activities planned in structured manner. Hearing to their inputs felt my decision to come here was worth it!!!


Post the session I had wonderful discussion with Chethan and few core volunteers (Rajkumar, Ravi, Raghu, Sadananda, Manju and many more:)). We did discuss on how Government schools and our Education system works and how we can contribute for betterment of the same…

12th morning started the session for children at 7 am where I was clueless of what am I contributing towards Life Skill development apart from my all time favourite energisers:)… I did energisers for an hour and finally gave Informational and Knowledgeable topics to 5 groups of children. Again was amazed to see the out put… It made me feel good when Chethan and Raj Kumar aka Santosh said, Maam, You are first trainer to engage all 90+ kids at one go with full enthusiasm till end with ease. Usually kids take lot of break in between but they hardly left the ground and went. We usually break them in 5 groups yet find it difficult to manage. But you managed whole lot with ease using your energy level and body language. We ourselves got to learn a lot!!!” Again made my day and I started planning for evening session… Thanks to Reena and Emal who had met me on 10th and had given few nice inputs on doing Life skills training through a gameJ Reena girl your Snake and Ladder game and tree pic idea with values in life worked well:) It was super hit!!! Kids loved, played and learnt a lot:) Also taught them A to Z in sign language and read a story too:)


Chethan’s message on FB made me feel proud of have given some time and shared some of my skills – “11th and 12th October 2013 – We had wonderful sessions from Prarthana Unkalkar Kaul, iVolunteer, Bangalore with total 92 children who participated and enjoyed a lot. Also session with core volunteer team of 22 was appreciated by the team. They were very much impressed with the talk and it really helped us to create 1 volunteer team at my native:) Really the 2 days were of great use and insightful for all of us. Thank you Prarthana madam…….”


I am still caught up with memories of the 2 days at Harapanahalli – the yummm Khanavali Food and Dinner at Dr. Sangeetha Kishan Bhagwat’s place and the chir pir sound of kids and they wanting me to do more and more sessions;), the enthusiasm of volunteers and the hospitality of the place…. I thought it was worth capturing the moments in a blog:)

How can I forget my on and off discussions with Chethan and team where we discussed and exchanged energisers:) Yayyy few more good games/energisers in my list now… We also discussed how he can bring change in his village through his trust “Sampradaaya Trust” in partnership with few good people and good organisations (currently Dream A Dream) in Bangalore:)Anyone willing to use their skills, time and passion for the village development please contact Chethan at and cc me




One reply on “Volunteering and Life Skill Training at Harapanahalli”

Wow Prarthu :):)..I am very proud to say that you had visited our place. Its a great initiative what Chetan has taken in our village where we have lot of young youth who are willing to do something good to the society but lack of skills. I hope this will add a lot their initiative and your experience will bring lot of difference in the society. Hope to see lot of improvements in future along with some more initiative in part of Giftabled by taking help from Chetan.


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