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“GYAN gave me a sense of achievement!” – Yashpal Malik, READ India

GYAN- an acronym for “Get your Answers Now” is one of the latest offerings from iVolunteer that provides customized training programs to NGOs on specific skills like Effective Presentation Skills, Grant Proposal Writing, Use of Social Media and so on. Conducted by Volunteer experts, with not more than 10 participants in each session, the program aims at building capacities of the employees in the development sector.

The last session in Delhi was held on 25th May, 2013 on the topic of Excel Skills. The broad agenda of this session covered- Data Management, Formatting, Functions & Formulas, Charts and an introduction to Pivot tables and Macros.

Following is what one of our participants, Mr Yashpal Malik had to say about the session.

Name of the participant: Yashpal MalikDSC_0054


Tell us something about yourself.

I’m a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer at READ India and I look after various socio-  economic development programmes related to skill, job trainings, educational programmes, livelihoods programme in areas of agriculture and non-agriculture, health and sanitation. I have to use Excel and SPSS for data analysis, rural banking for SHG groups and project management.

How did you find the training?

The session was indeed very good. I liked the part that our expectations were set beforehand. This helped me to prepare myself for the session and to be ready with my queries. Also, since the session ended with our expectations- it gave me a sense of achievement, that I was able to understand all the topics covered. Additionally, the practice sessions helped me to not only understand the tool but apply it right here, right now.

Anything interesting that you learned today?

Yes, pivot tables is definitely something that I learned well today. I know it will be of good use to me in my work.

Do you know that the training was  led by a volunteer?

Yes! That’s great. I would like to volunteer too. Please send me more details.

What kind of trainings  would you like to attend?

I would be interested in a session on Analytical tools used for Monitoring and Evaluation.

By Rubitah Mathew

Just an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams, passionate about bringing a change in any small way.

One reply on ““GYAN gave me a sense of achievement!” – Yashpal Malik, READ India”

Good to hear of you taking an interest in analytical tools. We do collect some data in the NGO sector, but we have a long way to go to learn how to analyse data; present findings in a manner which facilitates interpretation and recommendations, which then get followed up! Keep at it, and let us all get better.


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