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A brainstorming meeting initiated by a female colleague on how to  make city safe for women turned out to be really good. Some really nice points came up. Here is a list of some of the points in order of priority.

1 ) How can i fearlessly report a crime and or crime against women to the police without the fear of getting harassed by the police or the person against whom I have lodged the complaint. We felt that if this can be done then women/people will feel very safe and very forthcoming to report such matters to the police or any other authority.

2) Everyone felt public transport is a big issue in the city, A few concrete things came up like increasing the time of metro services to 1 am,  having more DTC buses in night, ensuring that the auto-rickshaws don’t refuse passengers, Meru cabs/call cabs pick up fare…

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By Rahul Nainwal

Rahul Nainwal, Co founder iVolunteer
Co-Founder India Fellow social leadership program
Co-Founder, UnLtd Delhi

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