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Not just another training

One of the challenges of working with professionals with lots of skills to contribute is that they are very busy and typically don’t have lots of time at hand. However they have a great desire to contribute meaningfully and more than the regular teach kids, clean streets kinds of volunteering opportunities.

This led iVolunteer to create GYAN training sessions where skilled  volunteers train a group of NGO professionals on topics that NGOs wants training in.  In the end the NGO benefits from a high quality engagement from the volunteers and the volunteer go back with a feeling of sharing their skills in a meaningful way.

What is a GYAN session? GYAN  is not a typical Gyan session. It is a acronym for Get your answers now ( GYAN) which is nothing but technical clinics aimed at improving employee efficiency of organizations in the Development Sector. These 5 hour sessions are designed to offer CUSTOMIZED inputs relevant to the day to day working of an NGO. For eg if there is training on the use of Excel participants will come with their data and will work on it with the trainer.

Who is the TRAINER?
Experienced professional from the corporate as well as development sector who have VOLUNTEERED to help NGOs by offering them guidance and expertise. They will be individuals who are experts in the topics that they are taking sessions for and have been exposed to the development sector through their Voluntary engagements with NGO’s.

The Uniqueness does not end here;

  • To deliver a customized training, the group is limited to 10 people from 5 NGO’s that gives an opportunity for peer learning and fruitful discussions.
  • The expectations and level of understanding of the participant on the particular topic is assessed prior to the session and the agenda is FINE TUNED accordingly.
  • As a VOLUNTEER the trainer offers to be available at mutual convenience to help whenever the participants  face a challenge in applying the learning to their work.
  • Last and NOT THE LEAST all this is priced at ONLY Rs 1100/- that covers the admin costs and a donation made on behalf of the trainer to the NGO of THEIR choice.

For us GYAN sessions are an example where both the needs of the volunteers and NGO can be met in a very productive way and we can pat ourselves on our back of being instrumental in creating such experiences


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